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Establishing healthcare it-solutions in an international context


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Include the Danish health care system if you seek to export Danish health-IT solutions.

The purpose of the foundation is to aid Danish companies in exporting digital solutions to other markets. We do this by making experience, knowledge, and competences, acquired through the past 30 years of work within digitalization of the healthcare system in Denmark, available to companies in commercial collaborations.
The foundation utilizes the synergy between the public and private sector. The experiences, knowledge and competences acquired through interaction between public and private operators are highly represented in the foundation and can be leveraged by all Danish companies.

Contact the foundation if you are interested in discussing opportunities and commercial terms to become part of a dialogue.

Active engagements Foundation to host Si-Summit in Barcelona, Oct.5-7, 2023

In the context of Foundation’s mission of supporting national and international public & private healthcare organisations to develop ehealth and healthcare solutions, based on successful Danish experiences; The Foundation will be hosting a 150 person Summit in Barcelona, Oct 5-7, 2023, for mainly European healthcare C-suite executives.

The Si-Summit is the follow up to a very successful Summit held in Sitges in 2022 for 100 healthcare leaders discussing 10 shared pressing topics in a highly interactive, roundtable format. The Summit applies Chatham rules and also hosts EU Parliamentarians to ensure the findings are presented and heard at the highest political level. The Summit conclusions were summarized in a White paper that was later presented and discussed in the European Parliament alongside representatives from the European Commission.

The 2023 Si-Summit will follow up on the 2022 topics and has a limited number of opportunities for industry to participate. Please contact to learn more about opportunities to sponsor and / or participate.

Dialogue with foundation applicant in the Netherlands

The foundation is in dialogue of entering into a potential collaboration with a foundation applicant in the Dutch market. The foundation is in relation to these activities supporting Netcompany, with focus on domain knowledge from the development of and national IT infrastructure.

Products and knowledge commercially available through the foundation

The following products and knowledge are commercially available through the foundation

The central product in the foundation is the knowledge that has been acquired through 20 years in How is a national portal created? What processes must be completed to gather a healthcare system? How to build a secure national infrastructure? These are some of the questions can answer, in relation to sales and services to other countries.

My health (Min Sundhed)

During the Covid-19 pandemic, ‘my health’ became one of the most downloaded apps in Denmark. With more than 6 million downloads, the app is practically in the pocket of all Danish citizens. How is a complex website like transformed into an app? How to develop, manage, and maintain a national app? The knowledge acquired about these subjects in can be exploited in offers to foreign customers.

Products has a variety of independent products that can be brought into a collective deliverable. For example, Sentinel, a program for effective and secure collection of quality- and research data from primary health care. Both knowledge about the process of creating integrations to different IT-systems to a market, as well as the technical solutions available for Danish companies.

Exchange of experience and network

The foundation offers to organize a variety of activities to increase the exposure of Danish companies on the international market. This applies to common delegation trips for public and private companies to international conferences. Secure Danish solutions will play a leading role at conferences, to enhance the dialog with national and international decision makers.

Knowledge- and development resources

Through 20 years, has acquired knowledge and experience that are immeasurable when it comes to practical implementation of national solutions for citizens and health care professionals. This knowledge is highly represented in’s employees. Danish companies can get access to these resources, through the foundation, in relation to solutions of export tasks. Employees at can be bought out in up to 20% of their time for specific tasks regarding an export task/project for a company.